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Property Management
Kenya classic homes manages commercial, residential and industrial properties on behalf of a broad based clientele including individuals, diasporas clients ,companies, parastatals, embassies, churches etc. Our management fees is as low as from kshs 3,000/= per month calls us a quote

On appointment as Property Managers we offer the following services:

  • Rent collection,
  • Preparation of statements of accounts
  • Negotiations for new leases
  • Renewal of leases and rent reviews
  • Maintenance and repairs, Periodic inspections,
  • Payment of rates, ground rent and security,
  • Preparation of periodic reports, Advise on the status of the property market,

Property Sales/Letting
This includes assessment of the current market value/rent of the property before the property is placed in the market.
We sell/let commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural properties for our clients.

Feasibility Studies
We undertake feasibility studies for our customers and advise on the viability of proposed commercial, industrial and residential properties.

Project Management
We also undertake Project Management on behalf of our clients. This involves co-ordination of all the professionals involved in construction of a project and supervision the same to ensure that the set objective of a high quality development is achieved in a cost effective way.

Management Services
On appointment as Managing Agents, we offer the following management services:

Maintenance: We negotiate contracts, on behalf of landlords, with reputable service companies in respect of lifts, sump and booster pumps, stand-by generators, firefighting equipment etc. We also ensure that such maintenance is carried out regularly and efficiently.
In case of repairs, we engage, with landlord’s prior approval, contractors of good repute to carry out such repairs from time to time. We also supervise the contractors to ensure use of quality materials and good workmanship.

We negotiate on behalf of landlords cleaning contracts with reputable cleaning company for cleaning of all public and common areas. It is also our responsibility to supervise the cleaners to ensure that they perform their duties efficiently and to the expected standards.

Periodic Inspections:
We conduct periodic inspections of the property to ensure that the building structure and the machinery are in good state of repair and maintenance at all times.

We take immediate steps to let and re-let any space that falls vacant and ensure that vacating tenants comply with their obligations in respect of re-decoration and repairs.

Renewal of Leases and Rent Reviews:
We advise landlords on the terms and conditions for renewal of leases for tenants upon expiry of leases after taking into account the prevailing market rents. We also negotiate on their behalf reviews of rent and service charge.

We negotiate and engage, with landlord’s prior approval, gardening contracts with reputable firms for maintenance and upkeep of flower gardens and grounds.

Rent Collection
We to collect on landlords’ behalf all monies falling due for payment and submit computerized monthly statements together with the cheques for rents collected in the immediate preceding month by the 5th day of the succeeding month. We at the same time keep them informed of the necessary steps being taken to recover any rent arrears.

Ordinarily we endeavor to explain to the tenants the consequences of defaulting and should a tenant fall in arrears for whatever reason we take remedial action as provided for in the lease.

Under normal circumstances, a defaulter is served with 7 days’ notice within which to settle the arrears failure to which distress for rent action through LAWS OF KENYA AUCTIONEERS ACT NO. 5 OF 1996 follows immediately.  Under a standard lease, defaulting in rent payment constitutes a fundamental breach of the lease covenants by a tenant and continuous default would lead to termination of the lease absolutely. However, we place a lot of emphasis on rent collection in order to avoid situations where tenants fall into rent arrears.

It is our duty to negotiate security contracts with reputable security firms and forward the quotations to you for approval. We
supervise the guards to ensure that the building, fixtures and equipment are safeguarded on a twenty-four hour basis.

We to advise landlords to ensure that appropriate cover against all risks is taken with reputable insurance companies.

Management Reports:
Quarterly management reports are prepared for purposes of keeping landlords updated on matters pertaining to:
Rent collection, Rent reviews, Building’s state of repair and maintenance, General issues relating to property market, etc

Keeping of Records: These include: Keeping of building plans, Maintaining a set of tenancy plans properly marked as to the position of owner’s partitions on entry and subsequent alterations, Tenancy schedules, Keeping a set of lease counterparts,
Books of accounts showing all expenses incurred in maintenance and management.
Copies of all service contracts

Lease Administration:
It is our responsibility to ensure that tenants observe the covenants in their leases. We report any breaches and recommend appropriate remedial measures.

Preparation of Reports on Property  Market:
Our role here is to advise landlords on the current trends in the property market after carrying out the necessary property survey in the market.


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